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We are continuously looking at ways and means in which to extend our reach and impact on the UK’s security industry and this year we are undertaking our largest communications project to date. In April this year, we engaged with a brand and marketing agency to review every element of the Institute communications, in order to further grow our membership, influence and brand voice.

We have many exciting things to tell you about today and more (much more) in the coming months. The following pages are designed to whet your appetites and to show you what is heading your way.


The compass pictogram represents the institute as a pioneering organisation … boldly leading its members to continual professional development. The compass points, held central to the circle represents the targeting of security threats. The logotype to the right of the logomark provides a subliminal outline of a key, and a further reference to unlocking the potential for its members and the UK security industry.

Grey represents formality, sophistication and practicality, whereas, the blue symbolises stability, trust and intelligence. Combined, the new palette creates a professional and timeless brand appearance.

Enhanced Functionality

Intuitive Event Booking

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Simplified Application Process

Enhanced Partner Pages

Integrated Communications Solution

Our new

Brand guidelines

When undertaking such a branding project, it is imperative to systematically manage and control its delivery and the governance that controls its uses, for all. To ensure the highest levels of consistency of our new brand is maintained, we are delighted to have developed a set of guidelines which are available for you download. Should you have any questions regards to their uses, please contact one of our marketing team on

Our Partners

We are delighted to have appointed the creative, brand and marketing experts, Cloud Ten to support us through this period of change. The team at Cloud Ten, who work across many different industries, hold a strong understanding of our industry, having worked with many key security companies, both in the UK and UAE.

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